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Emergency Preparedness

Texas A&M University is a partner with Brazos County and with the Cities of Bryan, College Station in the Brazos County Interjurisdictional Emergency Management Plan. We are also involved with the regional emergency response plan for the Brazos Valley Region consisting of the seven counties: Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington. Links to these plans are provided in the Useful Links section below.

The Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHSD) and the Office of Safety and Security have primary responsibility for emergency preparedness at Texas A&M. Duties and responsibilities range from working with departments to write and exercise building evacuation plans to developing and maintaining emergency plans as required by regulation and as otherwise deemed necessary to augment and implement the Brazos County Plan. The primary university plan is the broad-based Texas A&M Crisis Management Plan. Attached to that plan are detailed response guides to many specific events from hurricane sheltering operations to pandemic influenza.

A set of emergency protocols has been developed that are intended to provide guidance for the general public in the event of foreseeable emergencies. This Emergency Protocol Quick Reference Guide and each of those emergency plans may be accessed online by the Emergency Preparedness link below.

 Useful Links

 TAMU Emergency Preparedness

 Emergency Prep Documents

TAMUThunderStormsDG.pdfTAMUThunderStormsDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUTornadoesDG.pdfTAMUTornadoesDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUWinterStormsDG.pdfTAMUWinterStormsDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUHomeSafetyDG.pdfTAMUHomeSafetyDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUHurricanesTropicalStormsDG.pdfTAMUHurricanesTropicalStormsDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUPetsInDisastersDG.pdfTAMUPetsInDisastersDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUPostDisasterSafetyDG.pdfTAMUPostDisasterSafetyDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUTalkingToChildrenDG.pdfTAMUTalkingToChildrenDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUTerrorisomDG.pdfTAMUTerrorisomDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUFiresResidentialDG.pdfTAMUFiresResidentialDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUFiresWildlandDG.pdfTAMUFiresWildlandDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUFloodsDG.pdfTAMUFloodsDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUFoodWaterDG.pdfTAMUFoodWaterDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUHazardousMaterialsDG.pdfTAMUHazardousMaterialsDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUHeatWavesDG.pdfTAMUHeatWavesDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUChemical EmergenciesDG.pdfTAMUChemical EmergenciesDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUDisaster Supply KitsDG.pdfTAMUDisaster Supply KitsDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUDroughtDG.pdfTAMUDroughtDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUEvacuationAndShelteringDG.pdfTAMUEvacuationAndShelteringDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
TAMUFamilyDisasterPlanDG.pdfTAMUFamilyDisasterPlanDG9/24/2013 1:13 PM
9_EmergencyManagement.pdf9_EmergencyManagementTAMU Safety Manual - Emergency Preparedness (Chapter IX)5/23/2013 9:40 AM