Storm Water Management

Protection of surface waters and the environment are essential to water quality, and it is vital part of sustaining future generations.  Texas A&M  University is committed to protecting all natural resources, and storm water management is imperative for Texas A&M.  Without monitoring and regulations, municipal storm sewers could become contaminated with pollutants.  Illicit discharges to local storm systems can affect aquatic and avian life. Three storm water activities regulated are: municipal separate storm systems (MS4s), industrial and construction activities. 

Texas A&M's Storm Water Management Program describes actions and best management practices that the University can follow to ensure contaminates do not pollute the local storm system.  Earth work and grading occur on construction sites and may pollute local and municipal storm sewers as well. Input during planning and designing phases ensures that erosion, contaminate control and protection of the environment are addressed.   




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Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are intended to reduce the amount of pollutants contaminating surface waters.  This includes erosion and sediment controls that reduce or redirect the flow of water.  Controls can be used during and after construction to ensure that no contaminates make it into the storm sewers. 

Some of the more common best management practices are stabilization, and structural controls and management controls.  Stabilization can include temporary or permanent seeding and mulching.  Structural controls may include earth dikes, silt fencing, or sediment traps and basins.  Management controls can include retention/detention ponds, infiltration measures, vegetated swells, and natural depressions.

For more information concerning storm water you can visit EPA's Storm Water Program website or Texas Cooperative Extension's storm water information, Texas Water.  You may also visit the combined community efforts of TxDot, Cities of Bryan and College Station, Brazos County and Texas A&M at Brazos Clean Water.

The Texas A&M Storm Water Management Plan is available online at Environmental Management. Please contact EHS with further questions at 845-2132.

The Texas A&M Storm Water Management Plan is available online at Environmental Management.  Please contact EHS with further questions at 845-2132.