How do I ship internationally?

When shipping internationally you will be required to follow the regulations of the destination country and import/export customs. Each country is unique in what they require for import into their country and some materials will not be allowed.

Also, there may be export (EAR) documentation, permits, and clearances from the country of origin. 

All international shipment require the following documentation:

  1. Air Waybill/Bill of Lading
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Shipping documentation – Shipper's Declaration if Dangerous Goods Shipment

Other documentation that may be required:

    1. Certificate of Origin
    2. Letter of introduction from receiver
    3. Permits
    4. Import Licenses
    5. Value Added Tax (VAT/TVA)
    6. Import Duties
    7. And other Import documentation

If you need assistance with preparing your international package contact EHS Hazardous Materials Shipping Specialist.

Contact Marianna Wood by e-mail or phone (979) 845-4889 or call EHS at (979) 845-2132 for assistance.