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 Radiological Safety

The radiological safety program at Texas A&M University exists to protect employees, students, and visitors as well as the public and the environment from the harmful effects of exposure to ionizing and nonionizing radiations. The University is committed to meeting all applicable regulatory requirements imposed by the State of Texas or the United States government and to keeping doses from licensed sources of radiation As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) - social, technological and economic factors taken into account.


 Texas Department of State Health Services - Radiation Control Program Rules
 NRC Regulatory Guides
 FDA/Laser Rules
 NRC 10CFR part 19-Notices, instructions and reports to workers
 NRC 10CFR Part 20-Standards for protection against radiation
 NRC 10CFR Part 30-Rules of general applicability to domestic licensing of byproduct material
 NRC 10CFR part 71-Packaging and transportation of radioactive material
Radiation Producing Device Safety Manual.pdfRadiation Producing Device Safety Manual
Radiological Safety Program Manual.pdfRadiological Safety Program Manual
Radionuclide Laboratory Procedures Manual.pdfRadionuclide Laboratory Procedures Manual
Folder: Radiation Protection Program ReportRadiation Protection Program Report
Folder: Licenses and RegulationsLicenses and Regulations
Folder: Permit ApplicationsPermit Applications
Folder: Form LibraryForm Library
Latha Vasudevan
Radiation Safety, Laser Safety, Licensing, permits, registration, reviews and inspections, dosimetery, inventory and waste management
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RAM license, permits, laser and RPD permits, registration, RAM training, inspections,dosimetry, waste management
Dan Menchaca
Cyclotron Institute, permits, registration, training, routine acvtivities, surveys and monitoring, dosimetry, waste management
Theresa Collins
Dosimetry, Permits, registration, training schedule
Derek Phillips
Vet school, dosimetry, training, licenses, permits, registration
Austin Horne
Surveys, leak tests, survey meter calibration, waste pick up, inspection
Radioactive material/device packaging, waste pickup, survey meter calibration
Matthew Kennington
Laser/RPD permit & registration, non-ionizing radiation safety
Stuart K. Hill
Cyclotron Institute, dosimetry, surveys, interlock checks, waste pick up