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Environmental Health & Safety

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 Get a crane inspected
 Get crane access approved on campus
 Get Forklift Training
 Bring a shop up to code
 Get training for Accident Investigation

 Occupational Safety

Safety Training

Occupational Safety promotes safe operations on campus, to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors through Construction Safety, Shop Safety, and the Injury Reduction Programs. Construction Safety is responsible for the oversight of general safety practices in construction, as well as crane usage & inspections. Shop Safety aims to keep all Texas A&M workshops up to code and the workers safe through proper training and inspections. The Injury Reduction Program focuses on reducing accidents and injuries by bringing awareness to safety through the proper training and participation of Texas A&M employees.


Forklift Training
Slow Moving Vehicles Regulations
National Safety Council
Battery Charging Station.pdfBattery Charging Station
Fall ptotection.pdfFall ptotection
Farm Tractor Safety.pdfFarm Tractor Safety
First Report of Injury or Illness.pdfFirst Report of Injury or Illness
Hot Work Permit Program.pdfHot Work Permit Program
Impalement Hazards.pdfImpalement Hazards
Mobile crane .pdfMobile crane
Parking lot safety.pdfParking lot safety
Shop Checklist.pdfShop Checklist
Student or Visitor Injury Report.pdfStudent or Visitor Injury Report
John Fields CSHO
Safety Supervisor
Crane, Lift, Construction Safety, Shop and Fire and Life Safety Inspections
Babette Perkins
Accident Investigation, Safety Training
Tracy Smith
Shops, Workshops, Forklift Inspections
Sean Speed
Safety for Utilities & Energy Services, Accident Investigation, Safety Training