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Environmental Health & Safety

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 Know which training to complete
 Register for training
 Register or close out/decommission my laboratory
 Request eyewash tags/labels
 Safely store chemicals in a laboratory
 Prepare laboratory equipment for surplus
 Get help with the purchase of safety equipment
 Know if the fume hood in my laboratory is working correctly
 Get the biological safety cabinet certified
 Contact someone who can answer questions about lab safety
 Access to Chemical Inventory
 Extremely Hazardous Chemicals List
Storage Container example list.pdfStorage Container example list
Chemical Inventory Worksheet.pdfChemical Inventory Worksheet
Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting.pdfTier II Chemical Inventory Reporting
List of Extremely Hazardous Substances.pdfList of Extremely Hazardous Substances

 Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety

EHS Laboratory Safety group strives to promote safety awareness and encourage safe work practices in laboratories and performs annual reviews to ensure laboratory compliance with university rules.


Equipment Decontamination Form.pdfEquipment Decontamination Form
Hazard Communication Training Record.pdfHazard Communication Training Record
Laboratory Decommissioning Checklist.pdfLaboratory Decommissioning Checklist
Laboratory Decommissioning Clearance Authorization.pdfLaboratory Decommissioning Clearance Authorization
Laboratory Materials Transfer Form.pdfLaboratory Materials Transfer Form
Laboratory Registration Form.pdfLaboratory Registration Form
Safety Equipment Purchase Form.pdfSafety Equipment Purchase Form
Safety Equipment Purchase Program Information.pdfSafety Equipment Purchase Program Information
 Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
 Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
 Guide to Glove Selection
 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
 Texas Hazard Communication Act (THCA)
 Extremely Hazardous Chemicals List
MSDS issue 10 July 2013.pdfMSDS issue 10 July 2013
MSDS issue 11 October 2013.pdfMSDS issue 11 October 2013
MSDS issue 12 January 2014.pdfMSDS issue 12 January 2014
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Annual Fume Hood Inspection Schedule.pdfAnnual Fume Hood Inspection Schedule
Annual Lab and Safety Shower Inspection Schedule.pdfAnnual Lab and Safety Shower Inspection Schedule
Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories(BMBL).pdfBiosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories(BMBL)
Color Codes for Chemical Storage.pdfColor Codes for Chemical Storage
General Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist.pdfGeneral Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist
GHS Info sheet Nov 2013.pdfGHS Info sheet Nov 2013
Hazard Communication Program.pdfHazard Communication Program
Lab Respirator Notice.pdfLab Respirator Notice
Laboratory Safety Manual.pdfLaboratory Safety Manual
Prudent Practices in the Laboratory.pdfPrudent Practices in the Laboratory
Eyewash Demonstration
Experimenting with Danger
Fume Hood Operation
Swati Kale
Alvin Walker
Fume Hood Inspections
Jerry Jackson
Safety Shower, Lab Inspections, Lab Decommissioning
Sergio Luna
Lab Inspections, Fume Hood Inspections
Michael Bowe
Lab Inspections, Fume Hood Inspections
Arron Nemec
Brad Urbanczyk