Forklift Training

Forklift training is provided to all Texas A&M employees through EHS.​  Follow these steps to take the online forklift training.  After it is completed​​ you will be contacted to ​complete the certification.

  • ​​Click http://www.free-​training.com/
  • ​​Click on the Training Programs button
  • Click Continue
  • ​Select the Forklift Safety and Operation button
  • ​Starting with the Introduction complete all sections of the online training.
  • When you start the Course Test include your first name, last name, and UIN
    • *​IMPORTANT*  ​Below your name and UIN it will have a blank with the word null in it, REPLACE that with the following Email address  TAMU-FORKLIFT@TAMU.EDU
  • ​After completing the course test click the Score and Mail Test button near the bottom of the page.
An EHS representative will contact you to complete the certification.