​​How do I receive training?

EHS Hazardous Materials Shipping offers Hazardous Material training to accommodate the various needs of faculty and staff.  The hazardous materials training is available in the following modes:  online Train Traq modules, open-enrollment classroom courses, by request function-specific courses, and scheduled contract training sessions. The majority of the hazardous materials trainings are free to faculty and staff with exception of contract training sessions.

According to the Hazmat Regulations you must be trained, tested, and certified to ship hazardous materials/dangerous goods. Recurrent/refresher training is required every two years.

If you would like more information on the various trainings or would like to register for training contact Marianna Wood by e-mail mgswood@tamu.edu or phone (979) 845-4889 or call EHS at (979) 845-2132 for assistance.

Training and Description

Training Availability


General Awareness DOT/IATA Training – Enables the HazMat employee to recognize and identify hazardous materials and familiarity with the ​hazardous materials regulations. Classroom training offered the third Thursday of each month. Call or register online. No Fee
Dry Ice – DOT & IATA require training when shipping dry ice. Online training module on Train Traq course #211140​ or call EHS Hazardous Materials for Dry Ice training module. Available to faculty and staff at No Fee.
DOT Security Awareness Training –  Hazmat Employee must receive training providing awareness of security risks associated with hazardous materials Online training module on Train Traq or call EHS Hazardous Materials for training module.Available to faculty and staff at No Fee.
Function Specific Hazardous Material Training – is for those hazmat employees that are shipping the same hazard material repetitively. This training focus on the needs of the shipper. Training is available upon request. Contact the Hazardous Material Specialist to schedule the training session.  Available to faculty and staff at No Fee.
Annual/Contract Training – This training is for those that ship many different hazardous materials by ground and air. Upon completion of the training a certificate of training is issued. Training offered: DOT 49CFR, IATA, Infectious Substance, and RAD/RAM.Annually offered to faculty and staff. To register for the contract training sessions contact the Hazardous Materials Specialist to place your name on the pre-registration list.

Contract training

Cost is determined by number of attendees.