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Environmental Health & Safety

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 Know if my office or workstation is set up properly
 Request an ergonomic evaluation
 Make changes to my workstation that might help me feel better
 Contact someone who can answer questions about ergonomics


Ergonomic Workstation

The Ergonomic Program provides evaluations of office setups and work practices as requested by TAMU employees.


Self Assessment - Industrial, Operations.pdfSelf Assessment - Industrial, Operations
Self Assessment - Laboratory.pdfSelf Assessment - Laboratory
Self Assessment - Office.pdfSelf Assessment - Office
Product Catalog.pdfProduct Catalog
Wellness at the Office.pdfWellness at the Office
Ergonomic Considerations for Office Setup.pdfErgonomic Considerations for Office Setup
It Doesn't Have to Hurt!.pdfIt Doesn't Have to Hurt!
 Setting up your Workstation
 Ergonomics and Work Environment
 Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the Workplace
 Know more about MSDs
 Practical solutions for a safer workplace
 Guide to selecting now powered hand tools
 Laboratory Ergonomics
 Ergonomics for farm workers
 Ergonomics for construction workers
 Should you wear a back belt at work?
 Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire
Samuel O. Taiwo