Engineering Safety Training

The Office of Engineering Safety provides Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) training to employees & students to reduce risk and facilitate the safe, healthful and secure environment for academics and research. Established courses are online at The Engineering Safety Office. Please contact us if you require a specialized EH&S training need.

Texas A&M Employees and Student Workers:

If you are a Texas A&M Employee or Student Worker, you can register and obtain course credit on the automated TAMUS TrainTraq System:

  • Do not select the training links on this page.
  • Login to
  • Select TrainTraq
  • If the course is not listed under Assigned Courses/Tasks, select the Course Catalog tab at the top of the page.
  • You may search the available TEES courses by entering a course name or course number.
  • Follow all instructions in the training course to receive a completion on your training transcript in TrainTraq.

Students Currently Enrolled in Academic Courses (Non-Student Workers) and Visitors:

If you are student currently enrolled in an academic course that requires a training certificate, please select the required training listed below. Once you have successfully passed the online training, a form will appear at the top of your quiz. Please fill out the following information accordingly and click the "submit" button. If your instructor requires a copy, please include their full name and email address under the "Supervisor Name" and "Supervisor Email" tabs and a copy of your certificate will be sent you, your course instructor and the Engineering Safety Office.


  • Don't have UIN? - You can Input 123456789 when you try to fill out your information to get your certificate.
  • How to get the certificate? - Several training courses have quizes, you have to pass the quizes. In the other courses, you have to review all the presentations. We have adopted the automatic certificate system. Thus when you passed the online quiz, you have to follow the prompt words on the screen, click "finish" to get the certificate.
  • Where can I fill out the information to get the certificate? - After you passed the quiz or reviewed all presentations, in the result slide, a link will appear, linking to the certificate obtainning page.
  • How many points to pass the quiz - Get the full credits.
  • Do I need to contact Safety Office to get the certificate after reviewing all docs? - All certificates will be issued automatically after you passed the quiz and fill out your information, no need to contact Safety Office again.
  • Contact us for assistance.