Going to use diving in your research?

Introduction to Scientific Diving needs to be in your degree plan. Learn the proper techniques to do delicate work on protected sites through drills that will build your skills as a great diver. After completion of this class, you will be able to volunteer for NOAA and Texas Parks and Wildlife on trips to the Texas Flower Gardens and other institutions that require AAUS certification. The class is offered in only in the spring.


  • Advanced Openwater Diving Certification or equivalent experience. (Please see Bill to discuss your qualifications)
  • Completion of the AAUS Swim Test. It is STRONGLY recommended that you begin early preparing for your swim test. Details on the test can be found here.
    • Each of these steps must be completed consecutively and in the same swimming session. You MUST complete each portion before the next can be attempted.
      A. Swim underwater without fins for a distance of 25 yards (23 m) without surfacing.
      B. Swim underwater without fins for a distance of 50 yards (45 m), surfacing not more than four (4) times during the swim. (Note: A and B may be combined, as long as the first 25 yards of the swim is completed on a single breath.)
      C. Swim 500 yards (460 m) in 15 minutes or less, without swim aids, using any stroke, or combination of strokes.
      D. Within ten (10) minutes of completing part C, demonstrate the ability to swim in a face down position, using mask, snorkel and fins, but no arms, a distance of 500 yards (460 m) in ten (10) minutes, or less.
      E. Demonstrate the ability, using mask, snorkel and fins, to tow an unconscious diver 200 yards (184 m) in seven (7) minutes, or less.
      F. Surface dive without fins to a depth of ten (10) feet (3 m), recover a swimmer, and tow the swimmer 50 yards (45 m) at the surface.
      G. Without fins, simulate the rescue of a struggling swimmer.
      H. Tread water, without swim aids, for ten (10) minutes, or for two (2) minutes without the use of hands.

Completion of this class is particularly useful for:

  • Underwater Archaeologists

  • Marine Biologists

  • Oceanography

  • Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Certifications Received when Completed in Conjunction with Introduction to Research Methods

  • NAUI Master Diver
  • AAUS Scientific Diver
  • NSS/CDS Cavern Diver
  • NAUI Nitrox Diver
  • NAUI CPR, AED, SFA, BBP, E-O2, Aquatic Injuries


  • NAUI Master Diver Booklet
  • NAUI (Nitrox and Air) & NAVY (Air) Dive Tables
  • DAN Diving Membership and Insurance
  • Weight Belt and Weight
  • Underwater Timing Device
  • Knife
  • Slate
  • Whistle
  • 2 Dive Lights (Primary and Secondary)
  • Wetsuit (recommend at least 5mm, 7mm is best)
  • Mask
  • Fin
  • Booties
  • Snorkel
  • Gloves
  • Hood