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Environmental Health & Safety

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Agricultural Safety and Pollution.pdfAgricultural Safety and Pollution
Fire and Life Safety.pdfFire and Life Safety
Laboratory Safety.pdfLaboratory Safety
Shop Safety.pdfShop Safety
 Dispose of hazardous waste
 Receive first aid, CPR, and AED training
 Test a chemical fume hood
 Contact the AgriLife Safety Coordinator
 Safely store chemicals in a laboratory

 AgriLife Research & Extension Environmental Health and Safety

Tractor tilling ground

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service work together with Environmental Health and Safety to provide agricultural safety to Texas A&M University and all Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Centers across the state of Texas.  Quality safety programs and training help reduce injuries while services such as internal management reviews help protect personnel and the environment.


AgriLife AED Program.pdfAgriLife AED Program
AgriLife Fume Hood SOP.pdfAgriLife Fume Hood SOP
AgriLife HazCom Program.pdfAgriLife HazCom Program
Color Codes for Chemical Storage.pdfColor Codes for Chemical Storage
D001 Safety Training Documentation.pdfD001 Safety Training Documentation
D002 HazCom Training Record.pdfD002 HazCom Training Record
GHS Info Sheet Nov 2013.pdfGHS Info Sheet Nov 2013
Prudent Practices in the Laboratory.pdfPrudent Practices in the Laboratory
SOP 001 Employee Safety Training.pdfSOP 001 Employee Safety Training
TAMU Lab Safety Manual.pdfTAMU Lab Safety Manual
NIOSH - Agricultural Safety
OSHA - Agricultural Operations
National Ag Safety Database
TDA - Pesticides
EPA - Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides
Guide to Glove Selection
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
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Charlotte Bajoie
Jessica Flores
Brad Urbanczyk