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Environmental Health & Safety

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10/28/2014Test 3979-444-4444YesTest 3
Comments 3
2/19/2015A&M EmployeeNoSuggestion
It would be helpful if your org chart had all of the employees we deal with listed.  If we have a complaint about an individual not responding to emails or phone calls we would like to know who the Supervisor is so that we can work it out through appropriate channels.
8/19/2015Philip Derkowski9794364762No
The links on your website for reporting a spill or safety hazard do not work,
3/28/2016Mikael Olsen979-446-2403Yes
Where is the information on the Hot Permit?
1/16/2017Catrina Reed979-436-0741No
The search engine for the site does not pull up any information when doing searches.
Also, can web-based training be added to the TrainTraq transcripts?
The EHS should have an anonymous system to report hazardous conditions and near-misses.

This would encourage reporting.
6/19/2017Guy BaileyNo
Search on your website appears to be broken. Searches for common words like 'fire', 'extinguisher', 'safe' all return nothing.
6/13/2017Bernard Onu3492837463No
Great article! You need to make yourself an encyclopedia wiki on Everipedia.
6/28/2017Whatever you choose to use, the sa o y skin indefinitel concerns, and should avoid applying it to any skin that you think might be open to infection.  Yes
7/4/2017MSM can be taken either orally or topically.No
Anybody can take MSM as a nutritional supplement, but most people will start doing so out of a desire to address chronic ailments. MSm supplement
While our modern medical system performs brilliantly in emergency medicine, acute care treatment, and complicated surgical procedures, it leaves much to be desired in the treatment of chronic pain issues.  An over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs leads to whole hosts of negative side effects and has plagued far too many people with secondary problems.  Sadly, abuse of highly addictive prescription pain killers alone has swiftly risen to become one of society’s leading causes of preventable death.  If you or a loved one, including a pet or working animal, is suffering from a chronic pain issue, and you are uncomfortable with the prospects of extended pharmaceutical drug use, it may be worth considering MSM.

MSM gel can be great as a topical skin healing agent, particularly for insect bites, poison ivy itch, or mild sunburn, and can also be applied over localized muscle or joint pain.  Some people prefer pure MSM gels or creams, and others prefer ones that incorporate other ingredients, such as lavender for its smell, Aloe Vera for its skin soothing qualities, or menthol for its cooling sensation.  We don’t recommend for or against these other ingredients, as long as the gel contains a high-quality MSM.  We have even heard of some people reporting success with making their own topical MSM supplements by mixing finely powdered MSM into their favorite skin creams. Whatever you choose to use, the same basic precautions apply to MSM gels and creams as to Aloe gel or skin moisturizer.  Though most people will be able to safely apply MSM to healthy skin indefi
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10/5/2017baju anak085627000000No